Why This Blog Is Here!

This blog is designed to support Onion Lake Education staff providing an online source of learning opportunities for our students.

If you become overwhelmed, confused, or fall under your table crying, don't worry. There is no such thing as a stupid question!! Just ask!! Just understand... I WILL HELP YOU AS MUCH AS I CAN! I will work with you to make your students' education happen!

So... click on The "AA. Make A Blog" or "AB. Eagleview Make A Blog" tab at the top of this post and start with Step 1. Even if you already have a Google account that you want to use for this project, watch the video and listen to how your blog will fit into our Remote Learning plan.

All I ask from you is to make this opportunity your's... take the challenge and be proud of what you make. You can do this! 

As a part of this project, you will create a blog that will hold all of the activities/assignments that your students would do in the classroom. This blog will be linked to your school's website:

More coming soon...

You will include class resources in blog posts (like readings, examples, videos/links to videos, and the assignments themselves). Remember to consider the abilities of ALL streams of our students, with appropriate resources. 

At Eagleview, there will be tabs on each teacher's blog that will show all of the classes that each teacher teaches and, under each tab, will be the activities and assignments that the students are expected to complete for that class. 

Here is a video about blogs that I show my Grade 8 and 9 students each year when they start their own blogs for my classes. Edublogs is just another blog-making platform.